the project


The 78 (+2) cards deck comes in a tuck box with a booklet of explanation of the cards meaning. Cards’ size is 70x 120mm and  they will be printed on 300gsm art paper. The surface will be matte laminated on both sides.


We created a book to fully understand the reasoning behind this tarot deck, to know more about the concepts that are expressed and the choices that brought the artists to make their illustrations (available in English and Italian). Preface by the Erotarot reader Nuri Capitan


Order an A3 size poster of your favorite Arcana or a 100×60 poster of the laying of all the Major Arcana.


Order your T-Shirt and write a message indicating which Major Arcana, color (available in red or pink) and size (S, M, L, XL) you want it!


Half an hour reading with the authors of the project SEX POSITIVE TAROT.


Maya Checchi

Book Layout Design

Marvi Santamaria

Social Media Strategy

Cosima Siegling

Communication & Distribution Strategy