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sex positive tarot

This artistic deck was born from the collaboration of Diego Tigrotto (artivist) and Libera Ligorio (tarologist) for the Cultural Association La Tana Libera Tutt* with the idea of transposing the Arcana of the Tarots of Marseille into Sex Positive concepts. These are themes that need to be explored, discussed and elaborated. We live in a time in which sex is everywhere but mostly for commercial use, with little attention to the sensations and emotions that this energy generates.

The Sex Positive movement aims to bring social and cultural change to include sexuality as
a fundamental aspect of life and a form of free expression.

Tarology readings can reveal what the psyche has not consciously expressed. To make sure you can use this deck for readings, we have kept the traditional Marseilles symbols. You can explore themes that affect you personally by centering yourself in the “here and now”. This helps you uncover potentials and hidden sides that emerge through the symbol. You can see this deck as a “companion” that invites you to see things from another point of view. It works even better if you talk about the cards and themes with another person by doing readings together!

Tarot Cards

The Major Arcana constitute the main body of the Tarot and there are 22; the Minor Arcana are divided in 4 suits, 14 cards for each. Numbered 1 to 10 and have 4 figures: Page, Queen, King and Knight.

The Project

The Sex Positive Tarot project has a deck, a book, posters and t-shirts.