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la tana libera tutt*

This project was produced by the Cultural Association La Tana Libera Tutt* (LTLT), devoted to the promotion of Sex Positivity through workshops, meetings and parties.

It was funded in 2017 by Diego Tigrotto and Panda Silvia and is now managed with Marilina Marino.

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Diego Tigrotto Glikman (he/she)

is a sex-positive artivist based in Rome, who organises experiential meetings on sexual awareness. In 2013 he took part in the Xplore festival, organized by a group from Berlin,and during those three days of workshops dedicated to the exploration of creative sexuality he started paths of Tantra, BDSM, Polyamory and Post-Porn . That same summer he took part in Burning Man and adopted its Radical Self Expression principle and decided to wear animal onesies in her daily life. He launched La Coccoleria, a workshop celebrating the joy of non-sexual physical affectivity in groups, through games and practices of consent in a cheerful, intimate and confidential atmosphere. After meeting the Bonobo Tribe Sex Party in California, whose motto is "few expectations, high possibilities", she decided to organise the Animalesque Playground, a space where she could get in touch with her own desire. During these meetings, the Sex-Positive culture spreads, where there is no moral judgement on the preferences of others, where great care is taken to respect the limits of the other participants and where pleasure and play are closely linked. He therefore felt the need to create a broader project that would include other Sex Positive aspects, and together with Panda Silvia he launched La Tana Libera Tutt*, offering events such as NUDISCO, the Hysterical Cabaret and the Sex Positive Show. From 2021 the project becomes a cultural association, which she chairs together with Marilina Marino. Since 2017, the short films she is director and performer of participate in Porn festivals around the world and with the short film "a Spanking Ode" she won the No Gender No Border award at the Hacker Porn Film Festival in Rome and received the jury's mention at the Ce l'ho corto festival in Bologna with "NatiAnal Pornographic". He is following a course to become a Sexual Educator at the Institute of Clinical Sexology, in order to have access to do projects with schools and other institutions.

Libera Ligorio (she/her)

has a natural propensity for understanding the psyche and emotional life. In 2017, driven by a thirst for knowledge, she came into contact with The Way of the Tarot by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Marianne Costa. After the theoretical study she started to use the tarot on herself with an introspective work of meditation on the symbol and the evocative image. She then evolved by moving outside, beginning to use it as a tool for communication and comparison in interpersonal relationships. Over time, she realised that tarot has the capacity to dig into the soul and bring out universes to be discovered, thanks to the ability to put oneself at stake and with the assumption of risk and responsibility. This process is the main purpose of tarotology, which is combined with counselling. A path she decides to take to support and refine her communication and listening techniques. In 2021, during the International Tarot Congress, she met Nuri Capitan, pioneer of Ero Tarologia: an approach that uses the tarot as a means of exploring the dynamics linked to sexuality. In the same period she attended a tantrism course for which she obtained the certification of tantric operator, which helps her to connect with the body and sexuality in a spiritual way. The erotic dimension, as well as the psychic, emotional and spiritual dimension of the human being, make up the framework in which she works and on which she specialises, with constant training and various collaborations.